Contraceptive Injection


The Injection is a method of Longer Action Reversible Contraception (LARC).  LARC are methods of contraception that don't depend on you remembering to take or use them to be effective.

The injection is given at 12 weekly intervals. Once you have been given the injection you will not need to think about your contraception until your next injection is due.   The injection is very effective, over 99%; this means that less than one woman in 100 will get pregnant a year using this method.


  • reliable if injections are on time
  • no period pain
  • usually no heavy periods
  • many women do not have periods
  • some protection against pelvic inflammatory disease
  • may protect against cancer of the womb
  • no action required between injections

Possible side effects

  • increased weight
  • irregular bleeding
  • no periods
  • fertility may not return for a year or more after stopping the injection
  • breast tenderness / acne / bloating / headaches / mood swings
  • reduced bone mineral density ( reduction in the thickness of major bones)


The injection is available from your doctor or local sexual health clinic. The nurse/doctor will discuss the suitability of this method of contraception with you.


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