Police involvement

You should report a sexual assault to the police as soon as possible

  • Forensic samples can be taken by the police doctor to be used as evidence in any prosecution
  • You should avoid washing any of the clothes that you were wearing at the time of the assault
  • Avoid washing yourself and cleaning your teeth
  • If you think your drink was ‘spiked’ or have been ‘drugged’, blood or urine specimens for drug testing must taken as soon as possible, really within 12 hours, this would be done by the police doctor

If you do not want to involve the police you should still get medical care. This can be done at a genitourinary medicine clinic

Sexual Health Clinic

You can contact the sexual health clinic yourself to arrange to come in, either ask to speak to a nurse or a doctor, or let the receptionist know that you have been sexually assaulted.  We can then arrange to see you as soon as possible.  You can get your GP or a friend to organise this for you if you find it too difficult.

At the clinic we can:

  • Test you for sexually transmitted infections
  • Vaccinate you against Hepatitis B
  • Give you emergency contraception if required
  • Provide you with HIV post-exposure prophylaxis if required
  • Provide support and help
  • Sexual Health Services in Forth Valley cannot take forensic samples

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