Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy is very common. Around half of all pregnancies are unplanned. As many as one in three women in the UK have an abortion at some time their lives. The decision to have an abortion is not easy and it can be a very emotional time for women.
If you live in Forth Valley and you wish to have a termination, you can discuss it with us at any of our sexual health clinics or with your GP.   You will have time to talk and will see staff who will help to support your decision. This includes discussing the long term implications, both physical and emotional, and considering practical matters such as what method of contraception you will use in the future. Often you will be seen on 2 separate occasions.

If a termination is agreed then the doctor will make a hospital appointment and if possible, give you the details before you leave the clinic.
If you attend an evening clinic the arrangements will be made the next day. You will be asked if you give permission for your GP to be informed. Your decision to have an abortion and your treatment is a confidential matter between you and the healthcare team.
Abortion can be performed medically, using a combination of medicines, or with a surgical operation. Both methods are safe and effective. The method that you are offered will depend on the stage of pregnancy you are at, and also on your general health.
If you think you might be pregnant don't delay - come and see us or go to your GP as soon as possible. That way you have longer to make an informed decision. There are a number of clinics you can choose from and we will be glad to see you and offer you support.
Useful Websites
If you want to find out more about what termination of pregnancy involves you can look at any of the websites below:
• The British Pregnancy Advisory Service: A helpful website with information for women facing a difficult choice. See www.bpas.org/bpaswoman.php?page=123.
• Amica: A voluntary agency that offers counselling and may be of help to some women as they think through their options. Visit www.amicapcc.org.
• The FPA: The FPA has a long history of providing good information and leaflets about all sorts of sexual health issues, including termination of pregnancy. Go to www.fpa.org.uk/Homepage.

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