Local Guidance & Protocols

Guidance for Staff & Carers in Forth Valley, who work with Children and Young People who are Looked After , including Care Leavers and those with Disabilities.

This document supports Sexual Health, Relationships and Parenthood (RSHP) information and education for all young people.

It provides guidance and a reference tool for carers and practitioners of looked after children and care leavers, including young people with a learning disability, that they might better support these children.

Guidance for schools, to enable staff to offer consistent support to young women who are pregnant in school (Clackmannanshire Council)

The Condom Distribution scheme supplies condoms to a wide range of services, so that their clients can access condoms free of charge.  If you would like to provide your service users with condoms you can order them free of charge from the HIRS department.  Register here to receive free condoms

Central Sexual Health Condom Distribution Scheme Guidance and Practical Information is for workers from agencies and organisations operating as distribution outlets for the NHS Forth Valley free condom distribution scheme.  It seeks to support non-clinical staff with a sexual health improvement remit whose role may include the distribution of condoms. (This document was updated in 2017. The main changes are to be found in the 'Background' section and relate changes to the strategic context of the Condom Scheme and also updated statistics regarding teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections).

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