Relationships, Sexual Health & Parenthood Education for Schools

Get involved in helping shape the new National Resource for Relationships Sexual Health and Parenthood 


A new resource for relationships, sexual health and parenthood education is being developed for Schools in Scotland (3-18)


A programme of work to develop a national curriculum for relationships, sexual health and parenthood education (RSHP) for children and young people has begun – and individual teachers and practitioners are being asked to sign up and get involved in helping to shape the resource.

 In the coming months the RSHP curriculum that will be used in early learning settings, schools, colleges and community-based learning will be available online.


The plan is to involve teachers and others who support learning to join the curriculum design process and to work with material as it emerges, and feedback and inform what will become a final resource by the summer of 2019. Sign up to get involved

An example of how the content will eventually be presented is available here -, where you will find one set of learning activities in First Level: Similarity, diversity and respect / I am unique: my self-portrait,

There are a few things you can do:

  • If you are currently using material to support RSHP learning then please let us know what you use, you can tell us what you like about it and what gaps you think remain.
  • Encourage colleagues to sign up and keep informed:
  • If you think your setting/school might be keen to get involved and pilot materials in the school year 2018/2019 then let us know. There will be a range of ways we might engage with you, at the moment we are looking for partners who are keen to be involved as an agency/school to make contact

Please do remember that everything on the site is draft until summer 2019. We want colleagues to use and comment on material as it emerges, this will mostly be in the school year 2018/19 but examples will be posted in the coming weeks and months across levels.



Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood

School Improvement Planning


These tools will enable schools to assess current practice and development plans to review and update existing programmes for RSHP.

Quick Assessment  provides a brief outline of some aspects of good practice.

RSHP Planning guide - this good practice planning guide can help support planning a review of RSHP.

RSHP school self-assessment is a self-assessment checklist for school management to review existing practice within the school.

RSHP staff survey  ‘Scottish Government statutory guidance on the  Conduct of Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education in Schools December 2014’


Support for implementing the RSHP curriculum for schools is available from the NHS Forth Valley Sexual Health Team across Early Years/Primary/Secondary and ASN.  The team can provide information and advice on curriculum support, training and development for staff and current resources.

Information on RSHP education and resources are available on our website by following these links Early Years/Primary/Secondary and ASN.

Email the  Sexual Health Team.



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