HIV and Childbirth

This can be a complicated area so you should speak to your HIV doctor or nurse if you are HIV positive and considering a pregnancy.

The chance of an HIV positive mother transmitting HIV to her baby are 15-25%, HOWEVER this can be reduced to 1-2% if appropriate interventions are used.

Interventions that are available to reduce transmission to your baby include:

  • The mother taking specific HIV medication during her pregnancy and sometimes during the delivery
  • The recommendation of a caesarean section is some situations
  • The baby being fed formula milk, NOT breast milk
  • The baby taking HIV medication usually for 4 weeks once born

If you are unsure whether you have HIV infection but want to get pregnant it is important to get tested for HIV before getting pregnant to reduce the risk of transmission to your baby
All women in Scotland who are pregnant are now offered an HIV test routinely to reduce mother to baby transmission of HIV.

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