Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP)

The national resource for RSHP provides a comprehensive set of learning activities for use in schools for children aged 3-18, including those in ASN provisions.

The resource is structured in line with Curriculum for Excellence Levels and can be used to support the delivery of RSHP lessons in mainstream and specialist settings and in non-denominational and denominational schools. 

  • Lesson plans can be found under the ‘Levels’ tab. Home – RSHP
  • Levels Early – Second generally cover early/primary school years. Levels Three, Four and Senior are suitable for secondary age.
  • Ideally, children and young people with learning disabilities should be covering the same topics and levels as their mainstream peers. Slides can be downloaded and adapted as required. (Link to LD/ASN section of the website)
  • For learners with complex needs, lessons can be found here Complex ASN – RSHP
  • Each learning Level has an ‘Information for parents and carers about learning at home’ section, found at the end of the Activity List.

Free training on how to use the national RSHP resource is available from the Health Promotion Service  or contact us for further information or to discuss specific needs.

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