Clinics & Appointments

Attendance at our Sexual Health Clinics is by appointment only.

General appointments can be made by calling us on 01324 673554 between 08.30 – 12.30 (Monday – Friday, excluding Public Holidays)

Check if you are eligible for our Express Clinic.

Some service users may be eligible for priority access. Eligibility and referral information can be found here
We aim to see patients requiring urgent care, within two working days. Patients with non-urgent conditions may be asked to call back at an alternative time. 

Sexual Health Clinics provide the following services: 

  • Contraception, including emergency contraception and condoms 
  • Longer lasting contraception, ie. implants and coils 
  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV 
  • Safer sex advice, general advice and support

Please note: Emergency contraception is also available from community pharmacies. Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections and contraception can also be carried out by your GP.  

Clinic Locations

Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare Centre, Hallpark Road, Sauchie. FK10 3JQ 
  • Wednesday afternoon & evening 

Directions to Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare Centre 

To access the sexual health services enter the building from the Parkhead Road entrance and report to the main reception.  

Falkirk Community Hospital, Suite D, Major’s Loan, Falkirk. FK1 5QE 
  • Wednesday, morning & afternoon
  • Thursday, morning, afternoon & evening
  • Friday morning  & afternoon

Directions to Falkirk Community Hospital

Click on the site map for Falkirk Community Hospital and access the hospital via the entrance off Major’s Loan. The Sexual Health Service is within the first building immediately ahead of you.

Stirling Health & Care Village, Area 1, Livilands Gate, Stirling. FK8 2AU   
  • Monday morning & afternoon
  • Tuesday morning & afternoon

Directions to Stirling Health & Care Village

What to expect at the clinic

  • if it is the first time you have attended you will be asked to fill in a form with your name and contact details.
  • you will be asked some questions about your sex life and your medical history. You might feel embarrassed but it’s best to be honest as this will help us make sure you have the right tests and treatment for you
  • if you need contraception, we will discuss the options with you and provide a method which suits your needs.

Having an examination

  • if we recommend an examination we will check with you first. We will offer you a chaperone for any intimate examination
  • the examination may involve a look at the genital area, mouth, anus/rectum (back passage) and skin to look for any signs which will help us in our diagnosis
  • samples may be taken from the urethra (opening from which you pee/urinate) and any sores/ulcers or rash.
  • In some cases, swabs may be taken from your mouth and anus/ rectum. For women, the tests might also include swabs taken from the vagina and cervix (entrance to the womb). For this test a plastic speculum is inserted in your vagina. This is similar to having a cervical smear test. This helps the doctor/nurse to get a better view of the cervix
  • it is quite common for patients to take their own swabs if they don’t have any symptoms
  • you may be asked to provide a urine sample so please try to avoid passing urine for at least 1 hour before your clinic appointment. If you have to go to the toilet before your appointment, please ask a member of staff for a bottle and you can collect a sample to take with you when you see the doctor/nurse.

Getting your results

  • Most results are available within 2 weeks following your test date, and can be accessed from our automated results service on 01786 434039.
  • You will be given a unique patient ID number at the clinic which you will use to access your results. When you call the number, make sure you listen to the entire message.
  • You will be asked to enter your patient ID and your date of birth which should be entered in a 6 digit format DD/MM/YY.
  • The results service may direct you to a Health Advisor to discuss your results further.
  • You will be notified directly if any of your test results are positive, so it’s really important that you have given us your correct contact details.

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