The use of contraception or ‘birth control’ is to allow you to plan a pregnancy at an appropriate time for you and your partner. It is one of the important factors of sexual health and ideally should be one of the main considerations when you become sexually active.

When deciding on what method of contraception to use there are many factors such as lifestyle, culture and age that have to be taken into account. Our contraception needs are as individual as ourselves and remember, your needs can change over time. These issues have to be discussed and thought through before deciding what method and option will be best for you and your circumstances. Free contraception can be obtained from your GP, family planning/sexual health clinic or young persons’ clinic.

Longer lasting Contraception - It's here! Contraception that lasts for years. This 20 page leaflet gives you the key facts about the three most effective types of longer lasting contraception - the intrauterine device (IUD), the intauterine system (IUS) and the implant.

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